Toolkit for Property Owners

The toolkit is a comprehensive, hands-on reference guide with the purpose to enable property owners to identify the issues that affect the energy use in and carbon emissions from their properties as well as understand the impacts and implications these can have. It supports property owners and building professionals in identifying interventions that minimises energy use and carbon emissions in a cost effective way and understand the activities involves, costs, the disruption and directs them to further information.

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European Action Plan for Public and

Private Property Owners of Housing

At the end of the TRAINREBUILD Project, national Action Plans were drafted by property owners’ associations in order to reflect the feedback collected during the trainings and plan further actions to foster energy efficiency refurbishments in Europe beyond the project. This European Action Plan is a summary and conclusions from the national action plans. It aims to give a consolidated overview for all the participating countries and put forward additional suggestions/recommendations to scale up renovation in the EU, while at the same time assisting member states in drafting their renovation roadmaps under the Energy Efficiency Directive.

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An owner-occupier Passive House
Some homes can be retrofitted to save energy. This one, just outside of Paris – France, is so well sealed and insulated that it requires no heating or cooling equipment at all. (En Français / In French – English version soon)
Passive House |

Listed buildings landlord, United Kingdom
The loving restoration took almost a year and a half and was careful to keep as much of the original character as still remained, while updating the house for modern 21st Century sustainable living. The whole house is heavily insulated; the house and water is heated by a ground-source heat pump; well water is used for the toilets and our own logs are used on the fire and in the wood-burning stoves.
Kent |