Success Stories


TRAINREBUILD Spin Off Association in Italy

The EN-zyme Association was created at the beginning of October 2012 with the mission of building up a strategic and operating tool to pursue in mid-long terms TRAINREBUILD project goals. It can be considered as the first factual result from TRAINREBUILD activities implemented in Italy.

The registered office of EN-zyme Association was settled in Città Studi Biella headquarters in Biella, partner of the project TRAINREBUILD and a well recognized training and education center. Furthermore EN-zyme Association and Città studi Biella have stipulated a formal agreement in order to transfer TRAINREBUILD project achievements after its conclusion in December 2012. The Association is independent from Città Studi Biella, even if it shares common values and purpose for promoting special training courses and new methodologies and technologies for energy efficiency and renewable energy applied to buildings.

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 The KIQ (Kooperation im Quartier) Project in Germany

The KIQ project, where the German property owner association Haus & Grund Deutschland is involved, is part of a research programme of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development and of the Federal Institute of Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development. This programme finances research, studies and initiatives which propose innovative planning and action on major urban and housing policy issues with the aim to provide guidance for urban and housing policy development. The project will run from summer 2011 until autumn 2014.

Most residential buildings in Germany belong to private owners, who play a central role in the creation of sustainable housing and sustainable inner-city neighbourhoods. The management of urban areas and the development of urban and housing policies cannot be done without fully involving private actors. KIQ is the recognition of the growing importance of private initiatives and the increasing role of private owners in urban development.

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The French National Property Owners

Association Partnership on Retrofitting

Within the framework on the French energy efficiency legislation, the UNPI (UIPI member in France) concluded a partnership with TOTAL, the French energy company, and ECONORMES HABITAT, a company specialised in energy performance certification and consulting on energy efficiency renovation of buildings.

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