Service Packages

The national service packages represented a form of customised assistance and/or tailored advice on issues affecting home improvement projects, such as energy efficiency/renewable solutions, funding, planning, etc. In this sense, the service package consisted of a set of seven national service packages, highly customised and issued in the language of the priority countries based on the toolkit and the already existing services provided by national associations of property owners to their members.

The service packages were developed by national trainers, aware of the needs of property owners and together with the feedback collected after the first round of training for representatives and experts of property owners associations. These consisted of simplified and tailored versions of the toolkit for property owners associations and included hands on information such as contact points and information on where to find building professionals qualified for carrying out the retrofit works in each priority country, list of financial instruments available per country with web links or other redirection means for more information, list of cost effective energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, energy performance certificates etc according to what work best for each country.

The specific format and content of the service packages were chosen according to the already existing services provided by the national organisations of property owners (e.g. help lines, training programmes, leaflets, newsletters and other information channels). Each national property owners’ association involved within the project decided on the most appropriate communication means according to their national circumstances and experience in successfully dealing with their membership.

Service Package (DE)

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Service Package (FR)



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Service Package (IT)

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Service Package (GR)

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Service Package (UK)

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Service Package (BE)

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Service Package (SP)

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