Local Authorities

The Trainrebuild project is the first Intelligent Energy Europe project, which has the aim to train both property owners and local authorities for residential housing energy efficiency retrofitting, in order to promote breakthrough strategies and practices for revolutionizing the energy consumption of existing buildings.

Please download below the training toolkit for local Authorities :


After a survey of best practices, several laboratories held, two toolkits produced and two train-the-trainers sessions, the project TRAINREBUILD has now entered into a phase called “training deployment” in which trainers will run sessions in 11 EU member states.

You are a facilitator and/or trainer of one of these 11 training sessions. Here are some general guidelines to help you deliver the trainings effectively.

Training Guidelines for Local Authorities

Local Authorities

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Local Authorities. Baixa Pombalina Solar Potential
Lisboa E-Nova, in cooperation with the Municipality and IGESPAR, promotes the development of the Solar Systems Integration Potential in the Lisbon Baixa Pombalina Area. This information is to be integrated in the Baixa Pombalina Urban Plan, in order to promote the integration of solar systems in the process of buildings refurbishment, according to the area’s cultural heritage requirements.
Baixa Pombalina Solar Potential |http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzLPc2nZPrI

Local Authorities – Zero emissions conference centre in Hungary 

In Hungary, the Regional Environmental Center breaks new ground with the establishment of a zero emissions conference centre. The centre utilises environmentally friendly technologies to power the building, and its roof placed solar panels make the centre the largest sun-fed power capacity in Hungary.


REC, Hungary |http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VR_U_JKuaz0