First Forum Event

Here is the documents and description of the First Training Forum

Common performance indicators
TRAINREBUILD is a training project aimed at creating an enabling framework for households and property owners to make energy efficiency investments. The training sessions will take place during the second year of the project. Once having participated in these sessions, the national property owners associations will transfer the service package to their own members at local level who will transfer it to individual property owners. This will take place at the very end of the project (end of year 2012) and will lead to retrofit plans by year 2013-14 at the earliest. Hence, it has been proposed to formulate targets beyond the project duration (by 2013, by 2014 and by 2020).

First Forum Meeting Report
National Authorities should set up certification and training schemes to improve the knowledge and skills gap of the construction workforce. A robust accreditation process will increase confidence in the market. Promote accredited contractors and certified workforce to avoid substandard work and consumer uncertainty.!

First Forum Attendees’ Evaluation Report
First Event of the European Forum on Training and Skills For Re-”Building”. How to Incentivise Local Authorities and Property Owners to Renovate Their Buildings.
Attendees Evaluation Report

Directory of Training Program Developers
Directory of Training Program Developer

Training Guidelines for Property Owners
After a survey of best practices, several laboratories held, two toolkits produced and two train-the-trainers sessions, the project TRAINREBUILD has now entered into a phase called “training deployment” in which trainers will run sessions in 11 EU member states. You are a facilitator and/or trainer of one of these 11 training sessions. Here are some general guidelines to help you deliver the trainings effectively.

Guidance Document for Trainers
The document aims to provide common data about the building stock of a number of selected EU countries. This overview should give basic criteria for the most appropriate energy efficiency improvements and methods of applying these to the diversity of the housing stock.

Transfer Management System
This “European training knowledge transfer management system” (ETKTMS) is focused on the value chain management of the project Trainrebuild and is to be used as a guiding document for other stakeholders of the building sector implementing similar publicly funded training projects.

List of Representatives for Experts Panel
List of Representatives for Experts Panel

Experts Working Group Recommendations Report
The experts who helped in drafting these reccomendations are the WP leaders of the project TRAINREBUILD, namely: EPE, BIELLA, ESGIG, RICS, REC.

Illustrative Folder
Illustrative Folder

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